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Cost Optimization Feature (EA)


K8SaaS is based on Azure Kubernetes Service but also enables several transversal services such as log collection, DNS management, certificate management, backup, policy enforcement etc...

Our commitment is to keep k8saas the lightest possible. For now, an "empty" cluster (without customer workloads) works in a 2 B2ms node, ie 4vCPU and 16G of Memory.

With more than 1 year operating more than 100 clusters in production, the k8saas has identified the 3 main expense item:

  • the virtual machines
  • the storage
  • the log sink

With the k8saas pricing v1, the cost of k8saas depends only on virtual machines (the other expense items are covered by a custom rate). With the k8saas pricing v2, the cost of all cloud services will be charged directly to the customer.

To help you optimizing your billing, k8saas provides enablers / quick wins, per expense item.

Use case

  • reduce billing
  • benefit from elasticity
  • set "quota"

HOWTO optimize Virtual Machines billing

Ask for a reserved instance

The online calculator shows you all the possibilities:

  • Pay as you go
  • 1 year reserved (~30% of cost reduction)
  • 3 years reserved (~60% of cost reduction)

If you want to ask for a reserved instance, please go to TrustNest K8SaaS Service catalog with the following information:

  • your instance name
  • the type of instance you want

Benefit from elasticity

K8SaaS provides a scheduled AKS scaling feature (Early Adopter)

HOWTO optimize Log Sink billing (Explorer)

Set a Daily Cap to Azure Log Analytics

K8SaaS provides a way to configure a daily cap limit on your Log Analytics. To know how to do, look at Logs collection & centralized log sink / section "Set a Daily Cap Limit (Explorer)"

HOWTO monitor you cost ?

K8SaaS provides a Billing API, giving you a complete transparency on the raw cost. To discover the feature, have look at Estimate and Monitor your cloud spend

HOWTO reduce your cost with Spot node pool ?

K8SaaS provides the possibility to use Spot node pool for non-critical applications. To discover the feature, have look at HOWTO add azure spot to your k8saas