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HOWTO add azure spot to your K8saas

What is azure spot ?

A spot node pool is a node pool backed by a spot virtual machine scale set. Using spot VMs for nodes with your AKS cluster allows you to take advantage of unutilized capacity in Azure at a significant cost savings. The amount of available unutilized capacity will vary based on many factors, including node size, region, and time of day.

When deploying a spot node pool, Azure will allocate the spot nodes if there's capacity available. But there's no SLA for the spot nodes. A spot scale set that backs the spot node pool is deployed in a single fault domain and offers no high availability guarantees. At any time when Azure needs the capacity back, the Azure infrastructure will evict spot nodes.

Spot nodes are great for workloads that can handle interruptions, early terminations, or evictions. For example, workloads such as batch processing jobs, development and testing environments, and large compute workloads may be good candidates to be scheduled on a spot node pool.


When do that ?

For testing or not critical workloads

What to do ?

Ask Support team to add a dedicated spot node pool

Creating a new K8saas instance with additional spot node pool

If you are reading this page, we assume that you already have asked for a cluster creation using Thales postit portal.

(Create RITM)

Add a spot node pool to your K8saas instance using Thales postit portal.

Use the spot node pool in your Deployment

Run k8saas hello world spot use case.