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Available Azure Region


The K8SAAS service is build on top of Azure benefiting from the all the Microsoft Datacenters:


Depending on the localisation of your users or your data, you may need to deploy a single or several k8saas instances.

Use cases

  • Deploy k8saas instance close to your users
  • Build a high availability system based on multiple azure regions

What to do ?

When you ask for k8saas instance using PostIT, you would be invited to select a region:


After submitting the form, a k8saas instance will be deployed in the provided azure region.

Naming Resolution Design

From Babel 2.4, the domain has been splitted into several subdomain per region:


Here is the mapping betwwen the subdomain and azure region:

subdomainazure regions (legacy)any azure region
prod.k8saas.thalesdigital.iowesteurope, eastus, canadacentral