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Add service account to your namespace


Feature available with Babel 2.3+

service accounts

Kubernetes distinguishes between the concept of a user account and a service account for a number of reasons:

  • Service accounts are for processes, which run in pods.
  • Service accounts are namespaced.
  • Service account creation is intended to be more lightweight, allowing cluster users to create service accounts for specific tasks by following the principle of least privilege.
  • A config bundle for a complex system may include definition of various service accounts for components of that system. Because service accounts can be created without many constraints and have namespaced names, such config is portable.

Pre-defined Cluster Roles Available

  • developer-role
  • devops-namespace-role
  • reader-namespace-role

Role permission details

Create a Service Account

  1. Create an empty yaml file named my-service-account-x.yaml

  2. Fill the service account section with the following block and replace <service-account-name> and <service-account-namespace>.

    # service account
    apiVersion: v1
    kind: ServiceAccount
    name: <service-account-name>
    namespace: <service-account-namespace>
  3. Assign your service account with a pre-defined roles (See section Pre-defined Cluster Roles Available) by adding the following block and replace <service-account-role-binding-name>, <service-account-namespace>, <service-account-name> and <predefined-role>.

    kind: RoleBinding
    name: <service-account-role-binding-name>
    namespace: <service-account-namespace>
    - kind: ServiceAccount
    name: <service-account-name>
    namespace: <service-account-namespace>
    kind: ClusterRole
    name: <predefined-role>
  4. [Optional] Create token associated to SA


    Since AKS 1.24, SA's secret is not created when SA is created. This change has been introduced due to security concern with secret without expiration time. More information

    apiVersion: v1
    kind: Secret
    name: <service-account-name>-token
    namespace: <service-account-namespace>
    annotations: "<service-account-name>"
  5. Apply your configuration

    kubectl apply -f my-service-account-x.yaml
  6. Validation

    1. List created service account
      kubectl get sa -n <service-account-namespace> | grep <service-account-name>
    2. List created role binding
      kubectl get rolebinding -n <service-account-namespace> | grep <service-account-role-binding-name>

Service account definition examples

Examples about how to define service account can be found in project self-service-sa