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Ask for a k8saas cluster creation using Thales Postit portal


Previously, the Thales Digital Factory used several tools to manage customer requests:

  • mail
  • zendesk
  • forms
  • chatbot

To improve our support quality, we've decided to regroup all customer interactions in a single portal: PostIT



For any demand & request, you should:

  • have a TDF Account ID. It should look like: 1210XXX
  • be enrolled in a given TDF Account ID. It is mapping between your identity and the TDF account ID.

In any case, click on Customer Care tab:


then, depending on your need, follow the corresponding procedures:

Ask for TDF Account ID

Select Get a Thales Digital Factory Account for TDP and fill the requested information.


The information requested are very basic; such as financial contact, Business Line name etc...

Ask to be enrolled in a TDF Account

Select Enroll in a TDF Account.

Cluster Creation

Click on Managed Cloud tab:


You have 3 choices:

  • Discover
  • Innovate
  • Industrialize

In most cases, choose Innovate ! It is the best option to start with k8saas. 90% of our users have started there.


I don't have access to postIT

Our legacy chatbot is still available. here