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GPU for compute-intensive workloads


Nowadays, Thales is more and more involved in AI developments. From Research to production solutions, AI researchers and operators need to run compute intensive workloads.



Use case

  • AI researches
  • Computre intensive workloads from development to production


The GPU is a hardware requirements, to have this capability in your cluster, we have to integrate a second AKS node pool called "gpunp" where only GPU jobs will be allowed to be executed.

By default, we'll deploy these resources to be running only during opening hours: from 9AM to 5PM.


all price in EUR per GPUdefault deployment (opening hours) per monthfull time per monthper hour (available in Q1 2022)
Pay as you go431.491294.471.773
1Y reserved278.86824.591.130
3Y reserved191.54574.610.787

What to do ?

Please go to TrustNest K8SaaS Service catalog for the GPU feature to be enabled on Trustnest Managed Kubernetes.

In the request, provide the following information:

  • the number of GPU to be deployed
  • the deployment mode: opening hours only or full time

Once the resource deployed, you can look at the Getting Started. You should be able to run your first tensorflow job.