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Transversal Observability Stack and Log sink


Trustnest managed services use transversal resources to get an overview at any time of the overall perimeter.

In the observability stack, these components are regrouped in the box "internal need" in the following diagram:


How it works ?

All the clusters will be deployed in a specific subscription, still managed by the trustnest managed kubernetes team, but you'll have access to more resources than the Innovate Service offer.


What are the available services:

  • Grafana with metrics of several clusters
  • Log analytics with all the cluster logs

Use case

  • Dedicated Ops Team on your side, that need a view in the k8saas stack
  • Security concerns: logs and generated metrics must stay in a specific region (ex: canada protected B)

Are you eligible ?

This feature is available only if you have:

  • more than 5 clusters
  • a global bill for k8saas higher than 1k EUR per month
  • An OpS Team responsible for this perimeter

What to do ?

Please contact the Service Owner

Using the contact page in the blog