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Automatic AKS Operating System Nodes upgrade


AKS is composed of control plane and nodes. The control plane is fully managed by Azure. The nodes are managed by k8saas.


To manage the vulnerabilities on the Operating system in the nodes, k8saas has a put in place an automatic upgrade process. Every day, a process is executed to upgrade the operating system on the AKS nodes.

Use case

  • OS patching
  • Security Guidelines required compliance

What to do ?

Nothing ! The service is enabled by default.

From Atik 1.20, the process will be deployed on all sandbox clusters. From Atik 1.21, the process will be deployed on all clusters (including prod).


Ask for the disabling of the function

Please make a request on the TrustNest K8SaaS Service catalog explaining the impacts of the automatic backup. A security expert / partner should be in the loop and approve the disabling of the automatic backup process