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Artifactory Binary Repository

Repository Permissions

  • *-public: Read only content is available by everyone without authentication

  • *-internal: Read only content is available by everyone with authentication

  • Team can get write permission available for public and internal repository. The team will be able to push artifact to their autorized path only. e.g. docker-internal/project-name/**

API key

  1. Go to your profile -> Authentication settings
  2. Create a API key

Note: username is your email and password is the API key




docker login

# use email and API key to login

docker image URL


  • docker-registry-server:
  • repository: in which repository the docker image is stored into artifactory
  • image-url: Title from Docker Info when a image is selected

Pull image

docker pull

Push image

docker push

Image naming convention\<\k8saas-or-esaas>/\<subgroup>/\<project-name>[:TAG]

  • artificatory repository
  • docker-internal: repository not public
  • subgroup: optional Group images under a logical set.
  • k8saas-or-esaas: our subfolder to groups k8saas and essaas docker images
  • \<project-name>: distinction between projet

Convertion examples:


Migrate image from repo

# pull original image
docker pull
# tag with the new repository
docker tag
# push image in the new repository
docker push


There are 2 ways to provide artifactory credentials to kaniko

  1. Using auth
    echo "{\"auths\":{\"$ARTIFACTORY_REPO\":{\"auth\":\"$ARTIFACTORY_AUTH\"}}}" > /kaniko/.docker/config.json
  2. Using username and password
    echo "{\"auths\":{\"$ARTIFACTORY_REPO\":{\"username\":\"$ARTIFACTORY_USERNAME\",\"password\":\"$ARTIFACTORY_API_KEY\"}}}" > /kaniko/.docker/config.json


to be completed